You got doubts? So did I (and honestly, sometimes I still do)!

We’ve all seen the news about how GenX has less money saved than other generations, that we’re full of debt, caught in the middle, caring for parents and kids (that’s why we’re the Sandwich Generation) and all the while neglecting our financial health and mental health.

That’s fucked and doesn’t reflect GenX’s resilience.

Honestly, I do. Because I spent most of my life spiraling, both mentally and financially. Other GenXers I’ve talked to feel the same. Does this sound familiar?

“I’m living paycheck to paycheck”

“I can’t afford to invest”

“I lost a lot of money in 2008”


“I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll work until I die”

“I’m hoping my kids will take care of me.”

“I’m afraid I’ll lose money—again”

“I have too much debt. I can’t afford to invest”

“I’ll live off of Social Security”

“I’m too busy taking care

of my parents/kids/job

and don’t have time to

manage my money”

“I get overwhelmed

with all the

investing choices”


There’s a way and I can show you how. No games. No tricks. None of that shit. I don’t promise miracles because there is no quick way to make $200k. It takes effort and a strategy. Yeah, you may face challenges and you could fall behind. But what if you apply the lessons I teach you and you know, you actually succeed?!

Just a few years ago, I was a financial mess. My house was close to being foreclosed. I was approaching 50, had less than $12,000 in my retirement accounts and no emergency savings.

The possibility of losing my home


a pandemic

The foreclosure deadline was February 14th, which meant I had to sell my home or lose it. Then I had to find a place that would rent to me and my family without a credit check. We’re talking me, my mother, my disabled sister, three teenagers, a dog, two cats and five chickens.

Long story short. We found a house to rent (and we’re still there!), I sold my home and I made a promise to myself to face my fears and fix my finances.

When you face your demonios, dig deep and find a way to slay.

There’s no scheme, no games, no nothing. There’s nothing hidden, nothing that’s gonna make you get rich quick.

Major news outlets report that GenXers are behind on saving money for retirement and that we’re up to our asses in debt. It’s not like we don’t already know that. These pendejos talk to us like we’re stupid. Their advice is usually sound (cut back on spending, pay off debt, get a raise), but they don’t take into account so many other factors (mental and physical health, stagnant wages, caregiving that burns us out, an economy that rewards rich people).

In a safe, non-judgmental space, we’ll create a plan that includes:

  • Defining your goals. Identifying challenges.
  • Reviewing spending, savings and investments.
  • Automating. Fix it and forget it (with a scheduled review once or twice a year).
  • Paying off debt. And yes, you can pay off debt AND invest at the same time!
  • How to happily and smartly use your credit!
  • Living situation. Where do you live? Where will you be living in 5, 10, 15 years?
  • Insurance: health, disability, long-term care and life
  • Estate planning. How to get your papers together, go over what you’ll need and how to find an estate planning attorney who can put it all together.
  • Eight weeks of private, confidential 1:1 coaching
  • WhatsApp texting in between coaching sessions
  • A free journal to keep track of goals, questions
  • Worksheets and trackers
  • Three-month follow-up/accountability session after last coaching session

*This figure is based on a 52-year-old person who has a $0 Roth IRA balance and intends to max out the account with the intention of withdrawing funds at age 68 and expects a return of 6%.