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¡Hola! I’m Deborah, a Latina money coach and entrepreneur. I’m a single mama, caregiver to my 90-year-old ma and 48-year-old sister. Originally I’m from Panamá and have lived in the United States since I was a kid.

Until around 2018, I was a mess with my money–triple M! I faced foreclosure (I stared that motherfucker DOWN), filed bankruptcy-twice(!), and opened a Roth at 49—the first money move I made toward retirement in 15 years. I have more in savings and investments now than I ever did when I was married and owned a home. And my net worth has doubled.

I hated feeling helpless and hopeless. All my life I’ve battled depression, with some anxiety mixed in, and to make my life even more interesting, I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. (When your kid with ADHD side-eyes the weird shit you do and say, and another kid is like, “mama, have you ever considered…?” it makes you go “ahh.”). I sorta knew in the back of my mind that my mental health challenges were connected to my financial struggles. I think we all know on some level that SOMETHING in our brains or gut is connected to some challenges. The shitty part is feeling like you’re terrible at managing something which perpetuates a never-ending circle of shame and guilt.

Now I’m on a mission to reach out to GenXers like myself, especially those who come from historically excluded communities. I didn’t know ANYTHING about retirement growing up, other than my dad retired from the Army and received some sort of payment for that. My exposure to money was either not having any, having very little or secretly believing that my grandmother was wealthy (turns out she was, but that’s another story). I grew up with wildly divergent beliefs about money. My mother fought with my dad because he spent his retirement check on drinking (message: money is something to fight about) or my grandmother keeping her money a secret (message: talking about money is taboo).

The mission doesn’t stop there, because not only do we have to reconcile our beliefs about money, but we also need to start doing the scary adult shit of saving and investing.

I used to be afraid, but I’ve learned that I can control how I react to fear instead of fighting it. Will you join me?

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